Location, Fort Lauderdale,USA

Why book a Cadillac Escalade Platinum to take you to your next meeting?

Where to begin?

You had a rough day in the office… and you are a little tense. As you approach the car, your driver graciously opens the door for you and much to your surprise a running board unfolds… making it easy for you to step up into the vehicle. Your driver seems to have noticed your fatigue because as you enter the vehicle he asks if you would mind if he turned on the massaging feature that has been built into your passenger seat – to this you graciously oblige.

He then offers you a drink of water. “Would you prefer room temperature or chilled?” Chilled? You didn’t notice a cooler. Just then he opens a cooler to reveal its content. “A cool drink please…” you responded. This is just too good to be true.


Lost in your heated massage chair, you hear the faint sound of your phone ringing. You quickly search for and found the phone. Only to realize that the battery was very low…and… you did not have your charger. Noticing your discomfort, your driver inquired about the type of phone that you have – to which he suggests that you place your phone in the recess or pad on the top of the cooler? Why should you? It is a wireless charging pad!


Your phone rings again. It’s your supervisor who needs a document for the meeting – asap! Heavens! Your laptop’s battery is also low.  Your driver again intervenes and shows you a charging port into which you quickly plug your laptop. You then connect to the car’s wireless internet and sent off the document in record time.

Now you can relax for the duration of your journey and arrive at your meeting…stress-free…….. in style

That’s the reason you should book a Cadillac!